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Integrated Planning and Risk Management

Retirement and financial planning is about dealing effectively with our inability to know the future. Unfortunately, many people over look or don’t recognize these potential hazards and thus go through life more exposed than they realize.

Following are a few additional risks that we can help clients manage:

» Unnecessarily paying too much in taxes

Our tax code is complex and ever changing. There have been tens of thousands of changes to the tax code just in the past 15 years.

From customized 401k rollover strategies to nuances available with social security withdrawal techniques to tax efficient investing, we can help you make the best decisions to avoid paying more than your fair share in taxes now, and in the future.

» Leaving family members or business partners financially unprepared in the event of an unexpected death or illness

As a fee-only advisory firm, our approach is to focus on solving needs rather than selling lucrative products.

We believe that insurance, if used appropriately, is a prudent risk management strategy to protect family members and business partners from unnecessary financial and emotional stress due to an unexpected illness or death.

Additionally, insurance can be used to provide available funds to satisfy estate tax obligations. Instead of writing insurance policies ourselves, we refer you to trusted insurance professionals who hold similar values as ours.

» Leaving surviving family members in emotional and financial disarray as a result of incapacity or death

A comprehensive estate plan not only provides for the distribution of assets, guardianship of minor children, and preservation of wealth from federal and state estate taxes, but also extends decision-making authority on health and financial issues in the event that you become incapacitated.

Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Directives are typically part of a well rounded estate plan for most people. When appropriate, Irrevocable Trusts and other entities can also be used to help people reach their goals.

We have working relationships with trusted and competent estate planning attorneys who can draft documents and assist in re-titling properties to avoid probate issues.

» Being financially unprepared for potential health care costs during a 20-30 year retirement

Some people underestimate the amount of capital required to live 1/3 of their lives during retirement without earned income. Many people underestimate the financial and emotional impact on loved ones if long term nursing care is required.

Whether you choose to accept the financial risk or transfer it to an insurance company by way of purchasing long-term care insurance, we believe you should run a cost/benefits analysis so you can make the best informed decision possible for your family.

If you choose to purchase long term care insurance, we can connect you with trusted insurance professionals to assist in executing your wishes.

» Making poor investment decisions that are based more on emotion than fact or circumstances

There is an entire industry devoted to behavioral finance, or the study of how the activity in our brains influence financial decision making.

Unfortunately, most scientific studies indicate that we are hard wired to make emotionally charged decisions that typically result in costly mistakes.

Having a plan of action, a disciplined approach to risk management, and trusted advisor who is intimately familiar with your family’s needs are three ways to protect against irreparable mistakes.